Slow news day, so let’s talk about prophecy!

Good afternoon night’s watchmen!

All of the Game of Thrones news this afternoon seems to be revolving around Peter Dinklage’s role in the upcoming Xmen film: Days of Future Past.  Dinklage will be playing Bolivar Trask, the military scientist best known for having created the Sentinel robotic mutant hunter.

The Thronesiverse is also abuzz with Kit Harrington being quoted stating that “(Season four) is my favourite one so far.”  This should come as a surprise to nobody who has read the books, considering the depth of Jon Snow’s story in the second half of A Storm of Swords and A Feast for Crows.  I won’t be putting any spoilers up in this blog post (though be advised, the podcast we are working on will not be spoiler free), but suffice it to say that Jon Snow gets promoted to ‘series star’ in the second half of the currently published series of books.

Getting away from the news for a little bit, there was something I wanted to discuss about the news that came out a couple of days ago.

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GoldDerby video gets Dany talking Emmys!

First: To all the new followers we got yesterday, I’d like to give a big thanks and welcome you all to the wall. And now your watch has begun!

Now onto the Game of Thrones news you’ve come here for.

A new video by awards blog GoldDerby has two editors Rob Licuria and Matt Noble interviewing Emilia Clarke about the recently revealed Emmy nominations, including the nod for Game of Thrones as best drama, and her own nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama.

It has been confirmed that the episodes that were submitted for Emmy consideration were:
“And Now His Watch Is Ended”, “Kissed By Fire”, “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”, “Second Sons”, “The Rains of Castamere” & “Mhysa”

The episode that was submitted for Emilia’s Nomination was “And Now His Watch Is Ended”, while the episode that was considered for Peter Dinklage’s Best Supporting Actor Nod was “Second Sons”.

While I know that I would love to see Game of Thrones sweep its awards categories, the fact that none of the awards pundits can pinpoint a front-runner this year means it is wide open for just about anyone to take home these awards. Good news for Game of Thrones fans? Bad news for Mad Men and Homeland fans?

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Geek mash up! Robb stark and the impossible girl!


In tangential game of thrones news, Richard Madden and Jenna Louise Coleman have been dating for over a year without having been spotted. This is something of a mash up made in geek heaven as Madden famously portrayed Robb Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones, while Coleman was the Doctor’s companion in the most recent series of Doctor Who.

The post was originally filed by Rebecca Martin, who notes the couple looks good together… Personally I feel Coleman would look good holding hands with a scarecrow dressed in a paper bag.

I know this isn’t hard hitting news about casting or filming, but sometimes it is nice to see that even amongst celebrities, geek love is a real thing!

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At least Robb never had to take the black, or else he might never have found his impossible girl!

New novella reveals hint about the future of Ice and Fire!

From the Atlantic wire:

The review of the novella gives a gleeful look at the piece of meat that Martin is giving us while we all wait hungrily for Winds of Winter. Most importantly is the following paragraph:

“Since dragons will only accept and bond with riders of Targaryen blood, the story chronicles the search for bastard-born “dragonseeds” to join the fray (with mixed results)—a subplot which clearly holds some potential relevance for Daenerys and her trio of dragons as events continue to unfold in the novels…

The above quote is attributed to Bridget McGovern of tor publishing.

Without spoilers I can only recommend picking up dangerous women within which this great short story is held.

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Lets just say I know where I’m going tonight after work!

Casting News! Mace Tyrell has been cast!

Good morning everyone!


I woke up this morning to some news out of the fan blog that casting has been completed for the character of Mace Tyrell.





Ashton-Griffiths is a British actor who has had a long career, having been in such films as Gangs of New York, The Brothers Grimm, and the upcoming film Grace of Monaco.  He will be playing the Lord of Highgarden, the son of Lady Olenna Tyrell (The Queen of Thorns), and the father of Lady Margaery and Ser Loras Tyrell.  In the Books, Mace is often seen as a bumbling oaf, and whose only influencee is the large amountn of money he has in his castle treasury.

Personally I see this as great casting of a strong actor to take on a challenging and potentially uninteresting role like the Lord of Highgarden.  I could see him doing a lot with the role and making it his own.


Please feel free to leave comments below, how do you feel about this casting?  How stoked are you for season four news?

Season Four Shooting location provides possible spoiler!

From fan site It would appear as though season four of Game of Thrones is returning to the Vale!

From the post:

The Icelandic website Vísir reports they are shooting at Þingvellir today, one of the three known locations of this years two-week sojourn of the GoT team in Iceland. Nothing new in the article itself, but the beauty of it is that it comes with photos of the team and extras in armour.

Vísir has posted a video interview with Thrones producer Chris Newman from the set of today’s shoot, where he more or less confirms that this particular scene is set in the Vale. Interestingly, he notes that this scene is a part of Arya’s storyline and says that both Rory McCann (The Hound) and Maisie Williams were on set. I also like the bit at the end where he says they are using Icelandic horses but filming them from far away to pass them off as full-sized horses!

A possible spoiler warning is in the video postedof a costumed Gwendoline Christie and Daniel Portman standing by the side of the road.

You can cheeck out these awesome photos and this video providing hints about what we can expect next march at

Nerdist podcast 385 with George RR Martin

So this morning I updated my podcast reader on my phone and noticed that there was a new Nerdist podcast that was recorded at SDCC last weekend.  This was an interview with George RR Martin in the privacy of his hotel room with the Nerdist Guys and the master himself.  I felt that the content might not be exactly Ice and Fire centric, but that the topics they discussed are inclusive of the Ice and Fire phenomenon, and were definitely valuable to anyone who is as invested in this series and its creator as I know anyone who reads a blog and listens to a podcast about is must be.  So without further ado, here is a breakdown of the podcast: links to the podcast and the websites for both Martin and Nerdist will follow:

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