Geek mash up! Robb stark and the impossible girl!


In tangential game of thrones news, Richard Madden and Jenna Louise Coleman have been dating for over a year without having been spotted. This is something of a mash up made in geek heaven as Madden famously portrayed Robb Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones, while Coleman was the Doctor’s companion in the most recent series of Doctor Who.

The post was originally filed by Rebecca Martin, who notes the couple looks good together… Personally I feel Coleman would look good holding hands with a scarecrow dressed in a paper bag.

I know this isn’t hard hitting news about casting or filming, but sometimes it is nice to see that even amongst celebrities, geek love is a real thing!

As always, feel free to comment below (maybe let me know you don’t care about this kind of fluff), or tweet at the blog @castinthedark!

At least Robb never had to take the black, or else he might never have found his impossible girl!


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