New novella reveals hint about the future of Ice and Fire!

From the Atlantic wire:

The review of the novella gives a gleeful look at the piece of meat that Martin is giving us while we all wait hungrily for Winds of Winter. Most importantly is the following paragraph:

“Since dragons will only accept and bond with riders of Targaryen blood, the story chronicles the search for bastard-born “dragonseeds” to join the fray (with mixed results)—a subplot which clearly holds some potential relevance for Daenerys and her trio of dragons as events continue to unfold in the novels…

The above quote is attributed to Bridget McGovern of tor publishing.

Without spoilers I can only recommend picking up dangerous women within which this great short story is held.

As always, feel free to comment below or tweet at the blog @castinthedark.

Lets just say I know where I’m going tonight after work!


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