Slow news day, so let’s talk about prophecy!

Good afternoon night’s watchmen!

All of the Game of Thrones news this afternoon seems to be revolving around Peter Dinklage’s role in the upcoming Xmen film: Days of Future Past.  Dinklage will be playing Bolivar Trask, the military scientist best known for having created the Sentinel robotic mutant hunter.

The Thronesiverse is also abuzz with Kit Harrington being quoted stating that “(Season four) is my favourite one so far.”  This should come as a surprise to nobody who has read the books, considering the depth of Jon Snow’s story in the second half of A Storm of Swords and A Feast for Crows.  I won’t be putting any spoilers up in this blog post (though be advised, the podcast we are working on will not be spoiler free), but suffice it to say that Jon Snow gets promoted to ‘series star’ in the second half of the currently published series of books.

Getting away from the news for a little bit, there was something I wanted to discuss about the news that came out a couple of days ago.

In a previous post, I had published a link to a new Game of Thrones novella that George RR Martin will be including an a fantasy anthology this fall.  In this tale of the Targaryen civil war, there was a small section about how the Targaryen dragons would only bond with those who had Targaryen blood, and that in order to find riders for the flying beasts often the Targaryens would search out and recruit natural-born (read: bastard) offspring.

This bring up a very interesting discussion about the nature of Dany’s visions in the House of the Undying.  Unfortunately, those who have only seen the HBO show haven’t had the opportunity to see this scene as it was cut out of the second season for brevity.  That said, I will summarize the (spoiler alert! The link leads to potential spoilers for those who haven’t read all five books!) prophecy here:

When traversing the labyrinthine House of the Undying, Danaerys found herself face to face with rooms full of people she knew were dead or people she did not know at all, visions of the past and ultimately the future that had not yet been.  In one room she sees a woman being savaged by four rat-like men, in another she sees a room full of corpses who were seemingly attending a feast.

This continues with visions of her perosnal past as well as her father just before the sacking of King’s Landing until she gets to a fifth room in which she finds her brother and sister-in-law Rhaegar and Elia.  In Elia’s arms are a newborn son, Aegon who was killed in the sacking along with his mother and sister.  The important part of this is what Rhagar says to Elia during Dany’s vision: “There must be one more,” he says this just after apparently looking directly at Danaerys. “The Dragon has three heads.”

This portends that Rhaegar knew there would be three dragons and that each would have to have a rider of Targaryen blood.  As we all know, Danaerys is the last trueborn daughter of the dragon’s blood, and that Aegon was killed during Robert’s rebellions, so who are the three heads of the dragon?

Are there natural born offspring of the Targaryens out there waiting to be discovered in order to ride Dany’s mighty dragons to battle in order to retake Westeros from the Usurper’s rotten children?  I know that there are hundreds of theories about who the three heads will end up being, and I’m not going to delve deeply into these because they almost invariably involve spoilers of books four and five, and even those among us who have read all five books don’t know for sure.  I’m a little uncomfortable spoiling great plot lines needlessly just to serve mindless speculation.

But it is food for thought isn’t it?  The idea that there are secret Targaryens hidding in Westeros or abroad just waiting to claim their dragons and their country is quite incredible.  Are these characters that we already know?  Will we see it coming when the reveals are finally made?

Please be respectful in the comments, but I would love to hear your thoughts on this prophecy and what it could mean for the future of the people of Westerns!

Feel free to comment below, or tweet or email the blog!


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