Big weekend in the #gameofthrones universe!

Good afternoon Night’s Watchmen,

Sorry for the lack of updates the past two days, this weekend was a holiday weekend where I am and there was no major breaking news to rip me away from relaxing in the summertime.

That said, this weekend was not without big news as the Television Critics Awards were held Saturday night, and to the surprise of nobody Game of Thrones brought home top honors in the “Outstanding Achievement in Drama” category.  Our favourite fantasy epic beat out fellow nominees The Americans, Breaking Bad, Homeland, and Mad Men.  Sadly, the team didn’t repeat as best overall as Breaking Bad took that award.  That’s okay, Walter White only has 8 episodes left, and Game of Thrones will still be around for years.  There will be plenty more awards for the show in the coming years!

Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke were on hand at the TCA’s show, the former of whom went on the record to defend the surprising and controversial casting of Pedro Pascal as Oberan Martell, The Red Viper.  A lot of controversy surrounds the casting of the Chilean actor in the role as many fans and bloggers feel he does not look the part.  In Ice and Fire, Dorne and its people are very reminiscient of the Arabian Penninsula region and its people and many feel Pascal is too light skinned to portray what is very clearly (to them) a dark skinned prince of some pseudo Arabia or Eastern African land.

Personally, I’ve always imagined the Dornish as being Mediterranean more than African or Arabian.  The Spanish, Italian and Greek cultures may be very different, but the immense sun exposure has given all of the Mediterranean peoples an olive complexion that a Chilean actor should be able to pull off perfectly.  It would appear that George RR Martin would agree with me, as he said on his blog recently.  It has been said that Pascal absolutely smashed his audition scene, and I think that it behooves us to trust the producers: casting on this show has been phenominal for three years, there is no reason to believe they would completely drop the ball so suddenly and inexplicably.

While Jon Snow and Dany were living the life in Hollywood over the weekend, preparations are underway in Dubrovnik, Croatia for filming to begin in two weeks.  Dubrovnik is used as the location for the Kings Landing scenes; and in season four as much as any other, Kings Landing will be of particular importance.  Cast and crew have been overheard expecting to be filming in Croatia for approximately a month, which is twice as long as filming in Iceland.  Undeniably, Kings Landing will be the center of Game of Thrones just as much as it is the political and geographical center of Westeros.

I’d say that is a pretty good rundown of the weekend’s news in the Thronesiverse, as always please feel free to comment below or tweet at us @castinthedark.


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