Here’s you Wednesday #gameofthrones roundup!

Good afternoon Night’s Watchmen!

It’s been about a week since the blog has been updated, and there has been a bit of news since I’ve been absent (please forgive my absence, I’m moving in a week and that is taking all of my ‘me time’).  For the foreseeable future I suspect that this blog will be updated more sporadically with larger updates. Once my move is complete, however, I will do my best to gear back up.

First up: CASTING!

Or, to be more accurate – RECASTING!

Tommen Baratheon is out, Tommen Baratheon is in!  The actor who has been portraying King Joffrey’s younger brother looks to be on his way out, and will be reportedly replaced by another young blond boy.  Specifically, the actor who played Martyn Lannister, a young squire who was captured and ultimately murdered by Lord Karstark in season three.

This is a common occurrence in Hollywood, recasting from within (see: aunt Vivian on the Fresh Prince), and Tommen hasn’t really been in the series since season two.  Needless to say, the producers must have felt that the current actor wasn’t going to be able to handle the upcoming larger workload for the character.  (Or there was an age-related issue that needed to be addressed before season four starts – NO SPOILERS HERE!)

Our second news item is one of particular importance for animal lovers: HOLLYWOOD DOESN’T KILL DOGS!

Sophie Turner, the actress who portrays Sansa Stark in the series has adopted a new pet; the dog who played Lady in the first season, right up to the point when Ned had to commit canicide (sic) .  This is mostly news on the “aww” scale, reality being shaped by art and Miss Turner’s life being shaped by her role.  According to the interview she gave with her local paper, Turner’s family adopted the dog after season one wrapped and production was looking for a new home for the suddenly unemployed animal.

After that joyful news tidbit we have something far more distressing: HOLLYWOOD IS ALL FAKE!

A special effects reel released last week shows how much of the special effects work was done for season three of our favourite show.  Shockingly, it shows that when the wildlings were climbing the wall, they didn’t actually build a 700 foot tall wall of ice in the arctic, but rather used a green screen beneath a glorified rock wall.

I don’t know about you, but I feel incredibly betrayed by this revelation.  This isn’t television, this is HBO.  When Bill runs really fast on True Blood, we know that’s not fake.  He acutally does run fast like Superman.

But being serious for a second, the blogger outrage about the special effects reel is fascinating.  This is a fantasy epic with dragons and giants and wolves the size of ponies, of course it is going to be pretty heavy on the special effect tricks.  In the season two BluRay set, they have a short documentary on the creation and shooting of the Battle of Blackwater bay, and I don’t remember that being turned into news.  We should all jsut be happy that the production is as open as they are, seeing the naked effects is really cool and these days any Game of Thrones news is a tiny panacaea for a geek world suffering through a 42 week-long withdrawal.

The rest of this week’s news revolved primarily around “speculation” for season four’s storylines including Dany, and Jon Snow. I don’t understand the point of this speculation, as the show has been more or less faithful to the major plot points of the book series; while little things have been changed, the big stuff has all still happened in mostly the right order. So I’m not even going to entertain this “news” by breaking it down for you.

If you want season four spoilers, the books are available on Kindle, iTunes or your local Barnes and Noble.

Until next time!


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