Just the #gameofthrones hits, please!

Good morning Night’s Watchmen!
I has been a crazy hectic week since two weeks ago last Thursday when my girlfriend and I moved apartments.  I haven’t had the time to really get any blogging done in that time, but I’ve played a few games of Game of Thrones with some buddies which has motivated me to get going on the Games of Thrones breakdown on the Fantasy Flight Living Card Game.  I’ve also picked up the equipment needed to start doing video updates, we’ll be recording something this afternoon!
All that said, I’ve got a pretty good update on all of the news coming out of the Thronesiverse!  So let’s get started why don’t we?

First on the docket is a little bit of Thrones-flavour nostalgia!  Spanish programmer Abel Alves has put together what could be the actual best video game representation of Game of Thrones, but rather than being a click farm or a complexity heavy strategy RPG, this is an 8-bit Mario adventure starring the characters and locations of Game of Thrones!  I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, but from what I’ve read you are given a choice of characters (ala Super Mario 2), and you play through four levels of platform gaming fun!
Check it out at gameofthrones8bit.com
The Toronto International Film Festival is underway in the center of the universe, and the mother of dragons is showing us she’s got the goods in fancy couture just as much as in her leather dothraki garb!  Ordinarily I don’t discuss the “sexy” of it all, but this dress was plastered all over the blogosphere the past few days and I felt that this blog is dry enough most of the time to give you, my faithful readers, a little bonus every now and then.
You can see the gallery of photos at wetpaint.com.
Two actresses have joined the cast of Game of Thrones for the fourth season and a mystery role has been revealed!
Yahoo TV reports that Elizabeth Webster will be playing Walda Frey (known not-so-affectionately as “Fat Walda”), the new wife of Roose Bolton the Traitor of Dreadfort.
Lu Corfield (“Doctors”) will be playing a Mole Town Madame.  Mole Town is a hamlet just south of the Wall, and it is famous for its brothel and the Black Brothers who frequent it.
Also important: Mark Gattiss’ character has been revealed.  It has been the greatest source of speculation this summer whom the Doctor Who alumnus would be portraying… no longer.
Gattiss will be playing Tycho Nestoris, a collection agent from the Iron Bank of Braavos, the agency from which Petyr Baelish was borrowing money from in order to pay for King Robert’s expensive tastes.
This is incredibly surprising considering Nestoris doesn’t appear in the books until A Dance with Dragons, but an appearance in season four would put his actions during A Storm of Swords and the first half of AFOC/ADWD.  This is just as much reason to speculate on what his character will be doing in the show as wondering what character he would be playing was!
Connected to this story is news that two more characters have been recast for season four: Ser Gregor Clegane (the mountain that rides – the brother of The Hound) will be played by Icelandic strongman Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, a weightlifter who came in fifth in the World’s Strongest Man competition this past summer.  Also being recast is the role of Daario Naharis, the mercenary who presented the heads of his companions to a naked Danaerys late in the third season.  Why are these characters being recast?  Well, the Mountain has now been recast twice, and the role has not gotten alot of screen time over the first three seasons.  Gregor Clegane begins to matter a bit more starting in the fourth season with him having at least one major scene pretty early on; I guess they felt the actor that the had in the role wouldn’t be able to pull off what they have in store for the monster.  As far as Daario is concerned, I heard a lot of negative reviews of Ed Skrein over the course of the few episodes in which he appeared.  Perhaps the producers read the same reviews I did and decided to make a change… or, more likely, they had a difference of opinions with the actor and decided to “go in a different direction”.
Our third story is more casting, with the next big thing in thrones music?
Entertainment Weekly reports that icelandic indie band Sigur Ros has teamed up with Game of Thrones in order to appear in season four.  The band is sworn to secrecy, but to me it appears possible that these guys will be rocking the purple wedding pretty hard.
In the past, The National and The Hold Steady has been tapped to cover famous songs in the Thronesiverse (“The Rains of Castamere” and “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” respectively), while members of Coldplay and Snow Patrol have been used in appearances on the show.
The Mary Sue reports that Irish actress Jane McGrath has been cast in a secret role for season four.  Current speculation is that she will be playing the wife of Mance Rayder, Dalla or her sister Val, who will play a very important part in the coming season.  Of course, it is possible that she will be playing one of two other female Wildlings, but Val is certainly the most important female Wildling left to be revealed.
So I would say that is all of the news I’ve heard floating around the Thronesiverse the past couple of weeks.  Now that things have started to settle down at home I’m hoping to get some more regular blogging done, and we should be ramping up to start the podcast soon!  Stay tuned for a video Games of Thrones, and I will be doing the run down on the FFG Living Card Game soon as well!
Until next time, feel free to comment below or follow the blog on Twitter or Facebook!

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