Games of Thrones 5b: #GameOfTthrones LCG Part 2!

Good morning Night’s Watchmen!

So, as it turns out, Clay and I had been playing according to some incorrect ‘house rules’ during our game.  We had been playing with some various players who were misinterpreting the rules and unfortunately we picked up some bad habits over time.

Most importantly, you are not limited in your card play during marshalling by having gold in your gold pool.  You can still play zero cost cards and reduce the cost of cards in order to play them even if you have no gold in your pool.  This is a monumental change from how we were told the phase works.  So please take that into consideration.

The other big error we made was during setup; Clay put an “Iron Mines” into play during setup and placed two gold coins on it.  We’ve since been informed that during setup cards don’t have text, so you don’t get any of the beneficial “When you play” triggers for your cards during that phase.  This one didn’t make a big difference because he could have just played the card during his first marshalling phase for zero anyway.

In this video, we will continue to make mistakes, but the biggest mistake is that I didn’t notice when the camera had stopped recording in the previous video; so I start explaining what happened from a phase later than I should.

During my marshalling phase, I had played a Northern Cavalry Flank, which is a 5 strength army for 4 gold with Military and Power Icons.  It has the text, No attachments except Siege, and If any opponent is running an agenda, NCF does not kneel to attack.  This will be very important text as the game progresses.

Now, let’s get back to the action with part two (of four) of this epic battle between House Greyjoy and House Stark!


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