#gameofthrones outrage: Emmys snub edition!

Good evening Night’s Watchmen!

I’m glad that so many of you have been enjoying the video series I’ve been posting last week and this, the views have been impressive and I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback, both positive and constructive!

That said, there is major news bubbling around the thronesiverse; The Emmys happened last weekend and the outrage is palpable all over the internet.  Our beloved fantasy epic got snubbed!

I personally feel as though all of the races were very tight, and I’m not mad at Vince Gilligan for his Best Drama award.  Even if Breaking Bad didn’t win their award, there is no guarantee that it would have gone to Thrones… Let’s be honest, Homeland is still a huge threat to win any best drama award, and House of Cards had “history” on its side, being the first online-only production nominated for a major award.  And that’s forgetting all about Mad Men.

In many cases, we don’t really mean it, but sometimes in company like this it is actualyl an honour just to be nominated.

In the Supporting Actor category, Bobby Cannavale won for his portrayal of Gyp in Boardwalk Empire.  He stole (STOLE) his award from the grasp of Peter Dinklage.  Obviously there is nobody else nominated who deserved the award whatsoever.  Aaron Paul is a hack, and Mandy Patinkin shouldn’t win anything ever.

Not when there is an imp in the running!  Clearly this is incredibly infuriating, but once again, Dinklage was in great company amongst his fellow nominees, and while I personally would have given the award to Tyrion, I guess that’s why they don’t let me vote.

Thirdly, Anna Gunn (Skylar White) didn’t even come close to deserving her award when Emilia Clarke was just sitting there looking all gorgeous.  And even the simple thought of someone like Christina Hendricks or Christine Baranski getting the trophy is laughable when Dany is the mother of dragons.  I think I’ve heard the most outrage about this award than any other, even though I would suggest that as good as Emilia was as Dany in Season three, Anna Gunn was robbed last year and Emilia will be nominated again next year for Season three.

In less important, but still important to be angry about news: Homeland won for best writing in a Drama series over not just one instance of Breaking Bad but TWO!  Oh, and Game of Thrones was robbed again!! So ANGRY about this obvious criminal robbing of a golden trophy!

Game of Thrones did pick up a couple of creative effects Emmys.  They won for outstanding makeup for a single-camera series (non-prosthetic) for the episode “Kissed by fire”, as well as Outstanding Special Visual Effects for the episode “Valar Dohaeris”.

Whiel this was down from last years’ six creative effects Emmys, but I think that is more a testimony to the quality of TV the past year and less a statement about any failing on the part of the show.

In case you couldn’t tell, I am not upset of angry whatsoever about the lack of awards this year’s Game of Thrones season.  The show sells like hotcakes, it is one of the msot pirated programs in the history of piracy, and it continues to define pop culture for geeks all over the world.  Historically, the various academies have never been particularly friendly toward the fantasy genre: Lord of the Rings won 1/3 of its Best picture nominations, The Matrix was never even nominated, and the Christian Bale Dragon/Batman prequel “Reign of Fire” didn’t even send out Oscar screeners for consideration for Best Picture.

The fact that Game of Thrones is the first of its kind amongst TV shows limits its chances of winning “the big one” substantially.  The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences doesn’t really know what to do with it: is this just a flash in the pan?  Is this a changing of the guard?  Give it a few more years of historical success and we might see Hollywood giving it more credit.

More Games of Thrones coming up this week!  As always, feel free to tweet at the blog, or email us.  You can also comment below.

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Until next time, never trust a ginger wildling!


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