Games of Thrones 7: #gameofthrones LCG Playthrough!

Welcome back Night’s Watchmen!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far.  Personally, I’m enjoying the crisp fall air here in the North.  I’ve got another video here for you, this time it is just in two parts and I’ve got them both up for your enjoyment this afternoon!  I was hoping to have these up last week, but I was having some trouble with Youtube, so I had to go back and reedit them; but at long last, here they are!

Please join Clay and I as we try out our new Game of Thrones LCG decks.  Clay is piloting a House Martell control deck against my brand new House Lannister Summer deck featuring a few of the new cards from the Fire and Ice chapter pack we reviewed last time around!

I hope you all enjoy these videos, I’m hoping to have a few more up this week.

As always, please check us out on Twitter (@castinthedark) or email us directly!  You can also do us a huge favour by subscribing to the channel and following the blog.

Thanks a lot, and please stand by for a new segment I plan on introducing later this weekend!


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