Games of Thrones: aGoT LCG Tournament – Round 1

Last weekend, My FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store) held a Game of Thrones LCG tournament holding a Game Night kit up as prize support.  12 competitors joined in the fun, only one managed to come out with the grand prize: a beautiful Khal Drogo Playmat!


Please follow along as I present some featured matches from the tournament featuring some familiar faces as well as a bunch of competitors you haven’t met yet!


First up: Round one, featuring yours truly piloting a Lannister No Agenda deck (similar in concept to the deck that won World Championships two weeks ago) facing off against Mark Holmes, a player from out of town whose playground traveled onto our turf with the sole intention of taking our prizes!  Mark is playing  a Martell No Agenda deck that features Quentin Martell and a few unique deckbuilding choices.  I had a lot of fun playing this game, and it was incredibly even all the way to the final turn!


I hope you enjoy this video, and stay tuned for more featured games from the tournament over the next month or so!



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