The Cast in the Darkness Podcast – Episode 5: Car Cast Part 1

Oh My Goodness…  You read it correctly Night’s Watchmen; I uploaded the fifth episode of the Cast in the Darkness Podcast this afternoon, and I am pretty sure it is a good one!

Clay and I joined our friends Nick (whom you would know from the Chapter Pack review videos) and Kayne (whom you would not know) on a road trip to Moncton (the “Hub” city for its central location in the maritimes) and I decided that on the way we were going to record a podcast.

This one is a little longer than most of them have been, running about 90 minutes in length… but hey, I started recording when we hit the highway, and didn’t turn the recording device off until we got out of the car at our destination!  Also, please be warned, this one is a little heavy on the Game of Thrones LCG stuff – we are all players of the game, and our road trip was headed to town for a Game of Thrones tournament.  If you aren’t a player of AGOT, then you might not enjoy the second half of this pod as much as the others – but honestly, there is enough chit chat that anyone should be able to enjoy the whole thing!

Either way, I hope you like the podcast, and stay tuned, because we recorded episode six on our way back!  I’ll put that one up next weekend in order to catch up a bit from the holiday hiatus!

Until next time, stick ’em with the pointy end!


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