HBO Releases Game of Thrones Season Four Trailer!

Let’s just get this out of the way first, so we don’t accidentally bury the lead.

There are just so many things that we can say about this: from the shadow of the dragon soaring above the red keep, to the champion of Mereen charging headlong towards Daario Naharis.  From Tyrion in shackles to Jaime being fitted for his golden hand (with short brown hair, wtf?!)…

There are so many moments in this trailer that mesmerize, but my initial impression is that the greatest among these is Oberyn Martell talking to Tyrion Lannister “Tell your father I am here, and that Lannisters are not the only ones who pay their debts.”  In that moment, I feel all doubt about Pedro Pascal was wiped away and only excitement remained.

Cersei shows exactly how bad she is at being her father, while Joffrey sneers over his new bride – doing a very good job of not giving us any indication of that thing we all know is coming.

Of course there are so many more tiny moments (I never even touched on the Melisandre or Night’s Watch moments in the Trailer) that I could go on for hours about this tiny, two-minute clip.  Suffice it to say… my excitement has really been raised by this  trailer!

How did you react to the trailer?  Are you as excited for season four of Game of Thrones as I am?  Let us know in the comments; or email us at castinthedarkness at gmail dot com, or tweet at @castinthedark using the hastag #CitDTrailer and who knows.  maybe this post itself is merely a preview some something bigger yet to come!


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