AGoT LCG – Road to Regionals : Part one (Game Night)

Welcome Back Night’s Watchmen! As those of you who are subscribed to the YouTube channel already know, we’ve begun our Road to Regionals special feature starting things off with a small Game Night event on the 16th of February. There are only a few videos from that event, but I’ll be following it up with a pretty extensive testing session as soon as those videos are done.

We have a Store Championship event on March 15th, so most of our energy is going towards preparing for that tournament, and then we will switch our focus to Regionals in Halifax later in the spring.

For now, I have for you all a Targaryen KOTHH Burn mirror match between Nick and Clay. This one goes into extras, and it is pretty exciting all the way to the finish!

As always, stay tuned for more exciting video content, and Episode nine of the podcast is coming this weekend – In which Kristina and I break down both of the Trailers that have come out since the last time we talked!

Until next time, stick ’em with the pointy end!


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