#GameofThrones LCG: Testing for Store Champs!

Hello Night’s Watchmen, and welcome back to the Cast in the Darkness!


I’ve got a couple of videos here for you from our testing session held last weekend in preparation for the Game of Thrones LCG Store Championships on March 15, 2014.  The first video includes a couple of games (Lannister NA, Targ Burn, Stark NA, and Martell Blolodthirst getting a test run), while the second video is a marathon between Targaryen Burn and Martell Bloodthirst.


My guys and I have mostly locked down what decks we will be playing at the tournament, but testing is a valuable tool for modifying playstyle and developing alternate strategies when you know your plan isn’t working.




I’ll be back this weekend with the final two videos from this really enjoyable and valuable day!


Until next time, buy more cards?!


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