2014 Moncton Store Championship – Round 2 Lufa vs Matt

Good morning Night’s Watchmen!


Nick has been bugging me for months for the opportunity to do some commentary tracks for the games we play – and the 2014 Store Championship was the perfect opportunity to experiment with this.  The stakes were high so players should be at their best, and most of the decks we see will be legitimate strategies (fewer off-the-wall builds than we would see on Game Night, Tim…)


As you saw in Round 1, Nick finally got his wish.  He, Clay and I teamed up to commentate on Kayne’s match with Justin in round one, and the two of them are back at it in Round 2, commentating on my match with Lufa.


You know how I said that at the SC players will be at their best?  As you will find out in this video, that is not always true.


Join us next time when we finally see Nick in action with his Targ burn deck against Jeff Harper’s Lannister No Agenda!!


And be sure to check out the podcast, which is going to go next level starting next week!


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