Lannister Decks

Let’s start this page off with a gorgeous Lannister House of Dreams – Tunnels deck that won our Game Night event in November 2013!


House (1)
House Lannister (Core) x1
Agenda (1)
House of Dreams (ARotD) x1
Character (29)
Shadowcat (KotS) x3
Silent Sisters (KotS) x3
Pyromancer’s Apprentice (TBoBB) x2
Carrion Bird (ASoS) x2
Tyrion Lannister (CoS) x2
Cersei Lannister (LotR) x2
Tommen Baratheon (SA) x1
Tywin Lannister (TK) x1
Ser Jaime Lannister (TK) x1
Syrio Forel (TftRK) x1
Qyburn (SaS) x1
Ser Mandon Moore (TK) x1
Varys (SaS) x1
The Hound (TK) x1
Ser Preston Greenfield (TK) x1
Littlefinger (SaS) x1
Lannisport Moneylender (LotR) x2
Lannisport Councilor (RotO) x2
Lannisport Weaponsmith (Core) x1
Location (15)
The Goldroad (LotR) x3
Kingdom of Shadows (KotS) x2
Twilight Market (AToT) x2
Pentoshi Manor (AHM) x2
River Row (QoD) x1
The Iron Throne (LotR) x1
King’s Landing (SaS) x1
Alchemist’s Guild Hall (TBoBB) x1
Tunnels of the Red Keep (CoS) x2
Event (9)
A House Divided (WLL) x2
Terminal Schemes (LotR) x2
Condemned by the Council (AToT) x2
A Fistful of Coppers (AToT) x2
Shadow Politics (CoS) x1
Attachment (8)
Increased Levy (LotR) x3
Pyromancer’s Cache (TWot5K) x3
Enslaved (THoBaW) x1
Milk of the Poppy (Core) x1
Plot (7)
Twist of Fate (APS) x1
Shadows and Spiders (LotR) x1
Forgotten Plans (KotStorm) x1
Breaking and Entering (LotR) x1
Valar Morghulis (Core) x1
Loyalty Money Can Buy (QoD) x1
City of Lies (CoS) x1



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