Cast in the Darkness Podcast Episode 9 – The Retrailercasting

Welcome back Night’s Watchmen!

I’m here to let you guys know that Episode Nine of our world-famous podcast has dropped and I think it’s a doozy!  Kristina and I take a look at the Game of Thrones Foreshadowing (I know, only what, three weeks late?), as well as the second official trailer: Vengeance.

We give some impressions about what we think of the trailers themselves, as well as what we think these videos might mean for the upcoming season!  You’ll be able to tell that I’m super excited for this season, and Kristina remains skeptical.  I promise big things every year and up until Season Three she feels that I haven’t delivered on my promise.

I’m pretty sure season four will knock her socks right off.  What about you?

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Until next time, keep your stick on the ice!


Thoughts on Thrones 2: #GameofThrones Controversy edition!

Welcome back Night’s Watchmen! This post was supposed to come up yesterday, but as I was stuck at the doctor’s clinic for two hours, it kind of slipped my mind!

I’m back with the second edition of Thoughts on Thrones, this week has been a relatively slow week, so I think I’m going to go back and look at some controversial stories, from the lannister’s keeping it in the family all the way to the Chilean Tragedy of 2013!  Let’s have a look.
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What a slow #gameofthrones news week!

Happy weekend Night’s Watchmen!

I’ve been keeping my eyes and ears to the ground looking for any scrap of News of Ice and Fire, but really outside of the announcement that season three of Game of Thrones managed to hit over 14 million viewers the only news has been Time Warner CEO coming out to variety magazine and suggesting that they are particularly proud of the piracy of Game of Thrones online.

Amazon revealed their alternate packaging for the season three bluray packages available in the US, Germany, Italy, France, the UK, and Spain , a three dimensional dragon against an embossed white facade.


I will admit, it looks awesome (even at over a hundred dollars) , but I can’t ever see a way to make it functional in a dvd stand. Pass.

It looks like filming is set to begin in Croatia by the end of the week, with characters being spotted on location, including at least one new actress in costume. This news along with cast sightings in Ireland are thanks to fan blog winteriscoming.

Also in the news is a nearly inevitable split for two of the shows more popular stars, Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie have broken up according to multiple sources. Hand’s up if news of Jon Snow and Ygritte breaking up surprised you. It almost makes you speculate whether Kit and Emilia were clasping hands as friends or if there was something more brewing at the TCA’S a few weeks ago.

This was a bad week for Thrones news capped off by a bad weekend for me personally. I wasn’t able to get the Games of Thrones post done, but I hope to have a good one for you next weekend, it won’t be a weekly segment but I hope to at least make sure it is semi-regular.

With luck, filming will bring with it more news from the set and as the show gets a little closer to season four exciting things will begin happening once more in the Thronesiverse. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open hoping to keep bringing you the best news as quickly as possible!

As always, please feel free to comment below or send us a tweet or email!

#Gameofthrones dvd/br alternate covers revealed!

HBO has announced the results of the fan poll they ran last month to determine the three alternate covers for the Game of Thrones season three DVD and Blu-Ray boxes sets.

And the winners are… (insert drum roll here please)


To the surprise of absolutely nobody the winners are Stark, Lannister and Targaryen! Personally I would pick up the Stark box, but it wouldn’t match the normal boxes I have for seasons one and two.

Game of Thrones season three will be released on February 18, 2014. This is the first chance that a majority of fans will have to watch the show legally, as outside of owning an HBO subscription and watching live there are no ways to view the episodes without piracy.

And as I’m sure everyone is already aware, Thrones is by a good margin the most pirated show on television.

What boxed set will you be picking up in February as you prepare to marathon view the show ahead of season four?