#GameofThrones HCHC Semi Finals! Greyjoy vs Baratheon

Welcome back night’s watchmen!  I’ve got the semi-final match from the HCHC, featuring our hero, yours truly, versus one of the Cast in the Darkness’ own, Nick Robichaud!


Nick piloted a powerful Greyjoy Old Way deck to a 3-1 record in the swiss, finishing 2nd overall before the cut.  My Baratheon Knights of the Hollow Hill deck also got to 3-1, but as my first win was a Bye, I had one ferwer point coming out of the swiss rounds than Nick.


This is our second match in competitive play, after Nick beat me soundly in the 3/4 playoff in November.  Take a look, and see if I am able to get my revenge!




HCHC Round 4 – Win and In, the second!

Welcome back, Night’s Watchmen!


The second Win-and-in matchup has been uploaded to YouTube, and it features Clay against what looks to be an unstoppable opponent in the 3-0 Stefan with his Stark Knights deck!



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You will be able to get decklists for some of the decks that were used at the event soon!


Thanks for watching, and always pay your debts!

HCHC Round 4 – Win and In!

Welcome back Night’s Watchmen to yet another Video from the HCHC held in Moncton, Canada early in January.  This video is the first of two videos from Round 4 of the event – this was the final round of the swiss, and the winners of these matches were guaranteed a spot in the top four, while the losers would have to wait and see how the tiebreakers played out…

In this matchup, Matt is paired up against Tim and his really interesting Maester deck from the Round one video!


I’ll have part two of the win-and-in round coming up shortly!  It will feature Clay going up against Stefan!

Games of Thrones – HCHC Round three videos!

Good morning Night’s Watchmen!


This morning I’ve got the videos from round three of the HCHC for your viewing pleasure. These went up on the YouTube channel yesterday, but I got caught up in other life-related things and never had the chance to post on here until now.


In the first video, Matt is taking on Josh in what can only be described as a Barahteon Knights ~mirror match!



And in this second video, Clay takes on Lufa who is playing a Martell KOTHH build!



Everyone cheer on our heroes, and hopefully we’ll see them both still alive in the fourth round!


Reminder: Cast in the Darkness Podcast episode 6, Car Cast, part 2 is coming up this weekend… so stay tuned for that update!


Thanks for watching, and until next time, keep your stick on the ice!

AGoT LCG Hub City Hodor Classic: Round 2 – Baratheon vs Stark

Welcome Back Night’s Watchmen!

I’m here this morning to bring you the second video from Round 2 at the HCHC A Game of Thrones LCG Event!  This one looked pretty lopsided from the beginning, and unfortunately the camera crapped out on me about halfway through the game.

It is a short video, but I think that what is there is worth watching for sure!  If nothing else, it should whet your appetite for more awesome Baratheon action in round three!

Stay tuned for more HCHC videos later this week, and keep your RSS readers updating for the second half of the Car Cast coming to you this weekend!

Until next time, never eat yellow snow!

The Hub City Hodor Classic – Round 2: A Very Golden Mirror Match

Good evening Night’s Watchmen!  I’m here to let you know that the first of two videos from Round 2 of the HCHC has been uploaded to YouTube, and is now available for your viewing pleasure!


This video features Clay, coming off a devastating loss to Tim’s Baratheon deck in round one, facing off against a Lannister No Agenda deck!  It looks like we have a mirror match ahead of us!


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The Hub City Hodor Classic – Round 1: Baratheon vs Lannister

Good morning Night’s Watchmen!  I’m coming to you with the first of many videos that were recorded at the HCHC last weekend.


This one features the CitD’s own Clay Flint going up against the winner of our Gmae Night tournament in November, Tim Linfield!


Baratheon vs Lannister!



Stay tuned for more Game of Thrones action coming your way!