I’ve done the unthinkable!

Running a website is damn expensive, even if the blog software you are using is free, there is a lot that goes into the production end of podcasts and videos – stuff you might not see or think about.  Last night I was at Futureshop, and I found exactly the thing that I wanted to improve the angle of delivery for the youtube videos we shoot, I was so damn excited and then I saw how much it cost.




In light of this, I’ve decided that I’m going to start showing ads in the front of the YouTube videos.  It isn’t going to be a billion dollar industry, and I’m not looking to get rich, I’m just looking to help keep the costs down on the more expensive side of this enterprise.  I joined with Amazon last week to become an advertiser there, but I haven’t actually incorporated any Amazon Advertising into the blog yet.  I’m looking at ways to do that without alienating any of the readers.


What I need from you is simple.  I need you to click the links on the videos.  You don’t have to buy anything, and you won’t get swarmed with viruses or spam, it will just let google know that I’m playing along with the ad model they have presented.  I will use this money exclusively to help improve the quality of the video channel and the podcast by purchasing new and better software packages, more and better equipment, and it will enable me to produce more content as well (weekly podcasts?)!




I love doing this blog, and all that comes with it, but I need some help from you guys now.  It is time we become a team, so do your part and click on some ads for me, and we can all come together to make this the best blog/youtube channel/podcast it can be!


Thanks a lot, and be sure to stick around for Episode 9 of the CitD podcast coming up this weekend!


AGoT LCG Chapter Pack Review: Forgotten Fellowship!

Welcome back Night’s Watchmen!

I’ve got another exclusive video chapter pack review for you all to enjoy!

You can view it here, or you can check it out in our brand-new LCG section!

A taste of #gameofthrones trivia!

Welcome back Night’s Watchmen! 


Listicals aren’t really my thing most of the time, but I found some of the stuff in this most recent mashable link quite interesting! 




My favourite item is probably number 7, I can’t imagine how the Allen family could be more proud! 


I’ll be back later this week with some more, so stay tuned! 

Midweek news update!

Welcome back Night’s Watchmen! You’ll be happy to know that I’ve been hard at work on some more media to entertain you all! I will have the chapter pack review for Forgotten Fellowship up by the end of the week, and the next Thoughts on Thrones long-form piece is nearing completion as well.

I know that time is ticking down until the season four premiere, and we are all excited to see to what lengths they will go this year! Just hold on for two more months and we can all enjoy it together: you, me, and the cast in the darkness!

Games of thrones : HCHC finals!

Welcome back Night’s Watchmen! I’m here with the final batch of videos from the hub city Hodor Classic held earlier this month in moncton, hosted by the comic hunter. 


This is the finals, between Stefan playing his stark Knight deck, and Matt playing the (now infamous) baratheon recursion deck. Let me know what you think about this game in the comments and please be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel! 


HCHC finals part one 



HCHC finals part two 


HBO Releases Game of Thrones Season Four Trailer!

Let’s just get this out of the way first, so we don’t accidentally bury the lead.


There are just so many things that we can say about this: from the shadow of the dragon soaring above the red keep, to the champion of Mereen charging headlong towards Daario Naharis.  From Tyrion in shackles to Jaime being fitted for his golden hand (with short brown hair, wtf?!)…

There are so many moments in this trailer that mesmerize, but my initial impression is that the greatest among these is Oberyn Martell talking to Tyrion Lannister “Tell your father I am here, and that Lannisters are not the only ones who pay their debts.”  In that moment, I feel all doubt about Pedro Pascal was wiped away and only excitement remained.

Cersei shows exactly how bad she is at being her father, while Joffrey sneers over his new bride – doing a very good job of not giving us any indication of that thing we all know is coming.

Of course there are so many more tiny moments (I never even touched on the Melisandre or Night’s Watch moments in the Trailer) that I could go on for hours about this tiny, two-minute clip.  Suffice it to say… my excitement has really been raised by this  trailer!

How did you react to the trailer?  Are you as excited for season four of Game of Thrones as I am?  Let us know in the comments; or email us at castinthedarkness at gmail dot com, or tweet at @castinthedark using the hastag #CitDTrailer and who knows.  maybe this post itself is merely a preview some something bigger yet to come!

#Gameofthrones hits: Halloween edition!

Good afternoon Night’s Watchmen!
My apologies for the lack of updates last week, but personal drama, etc etc.  In good news, picked up some new camera equipment so the video content should be improving exponentially as I figure out how best to use it.
Let’s get onto the hits!
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