It’s here! The official Cast in the Darkness podcast has been uploaded and is finally available for you all to enjoy!

Please direct your podcast readers to This Link in order to stay up to date with the podcast and always have the latest episodes as soon as they are released! For those listeners who are using Apple’s iTunes for their podcast listening, they can find the podcast by following this link to get the podcast on the iTunes store website!

You can click on the episode titles below in order to see the show notes for each episode!

Episode 1 – Spoiler Alerted!

Episode 2 – Welcome to Murica!

Episode 3 – Spoilers, Comics, and Book Learnin’

Episode 4 – The Kingsroad

Episode 5 – Car Cast Part 1

Episode 5a – An Unsullied TrailerCast

Episode 6 – Car Cast Part 2

Episode 7 – Soon of a Btich!

Episode 8 – Back to Basics

Episode 9 – The Retrailercasting

Episode 10 – Car Cast 2 Pride

Episode 11 – Car Cast 2 Part 2 A Great Fall

Episode 12 – At Least Two Swords

Episode 13 – Just Desserts!

Episode 14 – FAQ you like a hurricane!


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