Support us!

If you’ve clicked on this page, you’ve already taken the first step to help us keep this blog running, and keep the video and audio content you love going strong!

If your company would like to sponsor the video content or the audio podcast, please reach out to me on twitter (@castinthedark) or via email (castinthedarkness at gmail dot com) in order to become one of our sponsors!

Our current rates are as follows:

$20 / episode – a 20 second spoken word spot at the top of the show

$50 / episode – a 60 second spoken advertisement during a mid-show advertising break

$75 / episode – a 30 second spot at the top of the show as well as a  60-second spoken ad spot during a mid-show ad break, as well as a clickable link/advertisement in the show notes for the episode

$250 / month – a 30 second spoken ad at the top and  60-second spoken ad break on each of our spoken and video productions as well as featured visual advertising on the home page of the blog, providing the best possible value for your advertising dollars.

We have an archive of past episodes, and monthly paid sponsors’ advertisements will be inserted into archived episodes at a rate of one per month of paid sponsorship.  This will provide you with additional value as you are being provided with additional advertising for no additional cost – simply continue to sponsor the show, and see your advertising dollars earn more listeners!

These rates are all negotiable, please inquire as to how you can help make this blog the best it can be.

Are you a person who just values great content?  You can help us keep this product going, too.

All you need to do to help us out is to send our sponsors some clicks!  Helping our sponsors helps us, by getting us more sponsors and letting us cash some cheques to keep this place up and running.  We might just be on a free blog right now, but you’d be surprised how pricey the back end can be.  Plus, your help will give us more opportunities to grow in the future, including that hosted website I’ve had my eye on since September.

For example, if you shop at (and who doesn’t these days?) you can do your shopping right here on the Cast in the Darkness, just insert your search term here!  You’ll still get the same great Amazon prices and customer service, but Amazon will send us a few dollars to help keep the lights on! Widgets

Thanks everyone for checking us out, and I hope you all continue to visit and enjoy the blog, podcast and YouTube channel!


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