FAQ You Like a Hurricane!

Hello Night’s Watchmen and welcome back to the Cast in the Darkness!


I’m here with the second episode of the podcast this week!  Ordinarily I would have pushed this to the weekend, but since we are putting the Episode reviews up each week there isn’t any convenient place in the schedule for this episode!


Episode 14 is entirely about the recent changes to the Game of Thrones LCG by Fantasy Flight Games.  We discuss a few new errata (one which creates quite a stir with our panel), and the restricted list changes which promise to shake up the metagame like we’ve not yet seen!


Take a listen to this episode of the podcast to get our thoughts on what the FAQ 5.0 changes mean for the game, and what it means for our enjoyment of it.  You can listen to Episode 14 of The Cast in the Darkness HERE!


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A #GameofThrones LCG Store Championship – Round Four : Targ Burn vs Greyjoy Choke

Hello Night’s Watchmen and welcome back to the Cast in the Darkness!


I’m here with another video from the 2014 Store Championship from Moncton, NB last month.  This one is a win-and-in matchup between Tim and Nick.  Winner stays, loser goes away.



I’ll be back soon with the next video (another win-and-in – this time between Dom and Lufa)!


And I’ll be back even sooner with another episode of The Cast in the Darkness podcast!  What could it be about?

#GameofThrones HCHC Semi Finals! Greyjoy vs Baratheon

Welcome back night’s watchmen!  I’ve got the semi-final match from the HCHC, featuring our hero, yours truly, versus one of the Cast in the Darkness’ own, Nick Robichaud!


Nick piloted a powerful Greyjoy Old Way deck to a 3-1 record in the swiss, finishing 2nd overall before the cut.  My Baratheon Knights of the Hollow Hill deck also got to 3-1, but as my first win was a Bye, I had one ferwer point coming out of the swiss rounds than Nick.


This is our second match in competitive play, after Nick beat me soundly in the 3/4 playoff in November.  Take a look, and see if I am able to get my revenge!



Games of Thrones: FFG AGoT Greyjoy vs Baratheon

Good evening Night’s Watchmen!

Please enjoy this video from the recording session Clay and I had a few weeks ago.  This is the final recording session we did with the old camera.  Tomorrow we are recording again, and we have some brand new video equipment which should help to make the games even more dynamic and enjoyable!  We are also recording episode two of the Cast in the Darkness podcast, we will be discussing Episode one of the HBO Game of THrones tv show.  So please feel free to email us (castinthedarkness at gmail dot com) or leave a comment with something you would like us to discuss!

This week’s offering is Greyjoy House of Dreams against Baratheon House of Dreams.  This game was a bit longer than last week’s, and it was much more tense the whole way through as well.

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Games of Thrones #2: LCG Chapter Pack!

Night’s Watchmen, I call upon you all to put aside your desire for scraps of news and video and source material for just a moment and revel in a Game of Thrones release of a different sort!  Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) has been putting out their Living Card Game (LCG) for a number of years now, having started with a collectible card game (think Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic: The Gathering) and evolving it into something without a trading card element, but with incredible depth and strategic complexity that far surpasses either of those two vintage standbys.  This week, those amongst us who have been enjoying this game got a new release: The Banners Gather chapter pack!
The FFG game is going to be the subject of a much greater and more in depth series of Games of Thrones posts wherein I will take you all through the rules, strategy and deckbuilding elements of the game, but for now I hope you can forgive an out of order reveal of the cards in the new pack that just hit the stores. 
An LCG is similar to a Trading Card Game, you collect the cards and build a deck out of your collection in advance of a game, then play against one or more opponents seeking some victory condition.  The way that an LCG is different is in the collectability aspect that has frustrated and angered so many players of Magic: The Gathering.  In an LCG, there are no mythic rares, there are no chase uncommons, there are only preconstructed Chapter Packs.  In a Chapter Pack you get three copies (the deckbuilding limit) each of the twenty unique cards that are included in the set.  Everyone gets the same 60 cards, and nobody gets left behind in the lottery.
FFG just began their most recent cycle of Chapter Packs, entitled the Kingsroad.  A cycle is a thematically related set of six chapter packs that are released monthly or bimonthly until the cycle is finished, then there is usually a break of a few months while people digest the new cards and the metagame (Literally: Game within the game. Also: the decks that are played most often and their competitive value for tournament players) settles down.  Earlier this year, we had the Song of the Sea cycle which introduced a new mechanic, as well as 120 cards (20 each in six chapter packs), that have shaken up the Game of Thrones metagame in huge ways.
The Kingsroad cycle has been described as a “Throwback” cycle; the game designers are using these chapter packs to flesh out some old mechanics that were seen once and then abandoned in favour of newer, shinier things. The cycle is set on Westeros (whereas the previous two cycles were set principally on Essos and the Oceans, respectively), and is looking to go back to the basics in order to give players a new way to play with the older parts of their collections.
In this post, I am going to show you the cards and provide you with a short blurb about the card, perhaps something that is interesting about the card, the character/location/event described thereupon, or maybe a way that I would like to use the card to supplement one of my own strategies.  This is not going to be a tournament review of the set, because I am not a tournament grinder who can see all of the tiniest applications of each of these cards.  I just want to give you guys a taste of this really great game that most of you I’m sure don’t know.

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