A #GameofThrones LCG Store Championship – Round 3: Dom vs Matt

Hello there Night’s Watchmen and welcome back!


I’ve got Round three up from the Moncton Store Championship and it was a painful one to go back and watch for editing.  I made at least four debilitating mistakes each of which serving to cost me the game as it went on.  You’ll see for yourself in this video just how low tilt can bring a gamer.



Up next would be Nick’s round three match, but the battery in the second Go-Pro died at the end of round 2, so we took the third round to charge it up so it would be all ready for the ever important Win and In scenarios in round 4!


So next up we have Nick’s Win-and-In against Tim Linfield in round four.


Stay tuned!




Games of thrones : HCHC finals!

Welcome back Night’s Watchmen! I’m here with the final batch of videos from the hub city Hodor Classic held earlier this month in moncton, hosted by the comic hunter. 


This is the finals, between Stefan playing his stark Knight deck, and Matt playing the (now infamous) baratheon recursion deck. Let me know what you think about this game in the comments and please be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel! 


HCHC finals part one 



HCHC finals part two 


Thoughts on Thrones: Sansa Stark Edition!

Sansa Stark, World-beater or Stockholm survivor?

Let’s get this out of the way right from the start: this post will contain some serious spoilers for books 3-5 and certainly for the television show season three, which hasn’t been released on dvd as of this posting.  If you haven’t read to the end of book five, please turn back now and check out one of our other fantastic posts!  Otherwise, let’s venture into the incredibly intriguing world of Character Profiles!

 I solicited topics for Thoughts on Thrones last week, and immediately I got a really fantastic one; Sansa Stark.  She is one of the mos polarizing characters on the show, with fan bases around the world split about how important she is to the kingdom and ultimately to the end game of this never-ending conflict betwen the kingdoms and their Iron Throne.

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