A #GameofThrones LCG Store Championship – Round Four : Targ Burn vs Greyjoy Choke

Hello Night’s Watchmen and welcome back to the Cast in the Darkness!


I’m here with another video from the 2014 Store Championship from Moncton, NB last month.  This one is a win-and-in matchup between Tim and Nick.  Winner stays, loser goes away.



I’ll be back soon with the next video (another win-and-in – this time between Dom and Lufa)!


And I’ll be back even sooner with another episode of The Cast in the Darkness podcast!  What could it be about?


A #GameofThrones LCG Store Championship – Round 3: Dom vs Matt

Hello there Night’s Watchmen and welcome back!


I’ve got Round three up from the Moncton Store Championship and it was a painful one to go back and watch for editing.  I made at least four debilitating mistakes each of which serving to cost me the game as it went on.  You’ll see for yourself in this video just how low tilt can bring a gamer.



Up next would be Nick’s round three match, but the battery in the second Go-Pro died at the end of round 2, so we took the third round to charge it up so it would be all ready for the ever important Win and In scenarios in round 4!


So next up we have Nick’s Win-and-In against Tim Linfield in round four.


Stay tuned!



#Gameofthrones LCG: Store Championship 2014 – Round 2, Nick versus Jeff

Hello there Night’s Watchmen and welcome back to the Cast in the Darkness!


I’ve got the second of two Round 2 videos here for everyone to enjoy – this one features Nick with his Targaryen 222 deck facing off against Jeff’s Lannister No Agenda Turbo-Kneel!


You can see this one is pretty back and forth most of the way through this 10 turn slog!



I’ll be back next time with the first video from round three of this series – Baratheon 222 faces off against a Siege of Winterfell deck!


And coming up soon I’ll have the Chapter Pack review for the Spoils of War pack that was released last week.


And finally – Game of Thrones starts tonight!  Kristina and I will be watching it and we will make sure to have our thoughts on the episode up on the podcast server tomorrow night!


That’s all from up here on the Wall.  Until next time remember, the night is dark and full of terrors.

2014 Moncton Store Championship – Round 2 Lufa vs Matt

Good morning Night’s Watchmen!


Nick has been bugging me for months for the opportunity to do some commentary tracks for the games we play – and the 2014 Store Championship was the perfect opportunity to experiment with this.  The stakes were high so players should be at their best, and most of the decks we see will be legitimate strategies (fewer off-the-wall builds than we would see on Game Night, Tim…)


As you saw in Round 1, Nick finally got his wish.  He, Clay and I teamed up to commentate on Kayne’s match with Justin in round one, and the two of them are back at it in Round 2, commentating on my match with Lufa.


You know how I said that at the SC players will be at their best?  As you will find out in this video, that is not always true.


Join us next time when we finally see Nick in action with his Targ burn deck against Jeff Harper’s Lannister No Agenda!!


And be sure to check out the podcast, which is going to go next level starting next week!

#Game of THrones LCG Store Champioonship: Round 1 – Kayne vs Justin

Welcome back to the Cast inthe Darkness.  I’m back with the second Round 1 video from the Moncton SC, this time around we are featuring KAyne versus Justin in a classic aggro versus control matchup.


Instead of the usual captioning that I’ve been doing for these videos, Nick, Clay and I Decided to do an audio commentary track for the video; giving you guys some of our insight into the matchup as we discuss the game as it progresses.



Up next will be the first of two Round Two videos!


Until next time, keep your stick on the ice!

#GameOfThrones LCG Store Championship 2014: Round 1 Tim vs Matt

Welcome Back Night’s Watchmen!


Today for your viewing pleasure I’ve got the first of seven videos from the 2014 Moncton Store Championship.


The second video is taking longer than expected to come out because we are trying to do something a little different with the videos from this event!  I promise, it’ll be worth the wait, however.



Stay tuned to the Cast in the Darkness for Episode 11 of the podcast, dropping soon!

#GameofThrones LCG: Testing for Store Champs!

Hello Night’s Watchmen, and welcome back to the Cast in the Darkness!


I’ve got a couple of videos here for you from our testing session held last weekend in preparation for the Game of Thrones LCG Store Championships on March 15, 2014.  The first video includes a couple of games (Lannister NA, Targ Burn, Stark NA, and Martell Blolodthirst getting a test run), while the second video is a marathon between Targaryen Burn and Martell Bloodthirst.


My guys and I have mostly locked down what decks we will be playing at the tournament, but testing is a valuable tool for modifying playstyle and developing alternate strategies when you know your plan isn’t working.




I’ll be back this weekend with the final two videos from this really enjoyable and valuable day!


Until next time, buy more cards?!