Game of Thrones LCG Chapter Pack Review – The Horn that Wakes!

Good morning Night’s Watchmen!  I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays.

I thought it was about time to get another video out there for you folks to enjoy, so here we go with the exclusive Cast in the Darkness Chapter Pack review for The Horn that Wakes!

We were all really impressed with this pack, especially coming on the heels of something as phenomenal as The Kingsguard was; being able to compete with (and in some cases outshine) that pack is testament to just how sweet this cycle is turning out to be!

So take a peek at our review, please forgive the low video quality: I still haven’t quit gotten the lighting situation in the home studio figured out.  Hopefully in the new year I will have the opportunity to get that sorted.

But for now, here we are, the three amigos breaking down and giving some love to The Horn that Wakes!


Cast in the Darkness Podcast Episode 4 – The Kingsroad!

Good morning Night’s Watchmen!

Episode 4 of the podcast dropped this morning, and this one was a blast!  We are joined once again by Kristina, and while we don’t spend much time watching the show, we sure do get into some interesting topics both before and after!

Please check it out on the Podcasts page! Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, or point your favourite RSS reader to the feed you can find on that page!

That’s all for now folks, stay tuned for more awesome content forthcoming!

Games of Thrones: aGoT LCG Tournament – Round 2

On November 24, 2013, My FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store) held a Game of Thrones LCG tournament holding a Game Night kit up as prize support.  12 competitors joined in the fun, only one managed to come out with the grand prize: a beautiful Khal Drogo Playmat!

I hope you enjoyed the first video in this series, in which I was able to narrowly defeat my opponent: Mark wielding a powerful Martell No Agenda deck!

Next up: Round two, featuring yours truly piloting the Lannister No Agenda deck facing off against Tim Linfield, another one of the out-of-towners!  Tim is playing  a Lannister House of Dreams deck that features Tunnels of the Red Keep in order to ensure his shadows shenanigans are as powerful as possible! This game was quicker and more brutal than the first round!

I hope you enjoy this video, and stay tuned for more featured games from the tournament as we find the video files and get them edited down!


Games of Thrones: Kingsguard Chapter Pack Video Review!

Hello once again Night’s Watchmen! It is once more that time of the month!


No.  Not ‘that’ time of the month… I’m talking Chapter Pack review time!


Check out our review below to get the low-down on how we feel about the Kingsguard Chapter Pack that was released in November.  We’ve already recorded the next one, so the wait shouldn’t be so long for the Horn that Wakes!



Stay tuned for the next episode of the podcast coming up soon!