A Game of Thrones LCG

Welcome to the AGoT LCG Hub here on the Cast in the Darkness!  Here you are going to be able to find any number of resources related to the Game of Thrones LCG that has come to dominate much of our hobby time.  If you are here, you probably already know how to play the game, but if not, our tutorial video is a pretty good place to start!  You can find it here!


Please feel free to check out our other videos, including the exciting Hub City Hodor Classic videos where your heroes from the podcast travel abroad in order to find glory at a nearby tournament!


You can also find a decklist section here, which could prove to be a valuable resource as you begin to build your own decks and are looking for inspiration!


Please feel free to leave any comments or concerns!  Anything missing, or something you would like to see?  Let us know on Twitter (@castinthedark) or via email (castinthedarkness at gmail dot com)!


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