FAQ You Like a Hurricane!

Hello Night’s Watchmen and welcome back to the Cast in the Darkness!


I’m here with the second episode of the podcast this week!  Ordinarily I would have pushed this to the weekend, but since we are putting the Episode reviews up each week there isn’t any convenient place in the schedule for this episode!


Episode 14 is entirely about the recent changes to the Game of Thrones LCG by Fantasy Flight Games.  We discuss a few new errata (one which creates quite a stir with our panel), and the restricted list changes which promise to shake up the metagame like we’ve not yet seen!


Take a listen to this episode of the podcast to get our thoughts on what the FAQ 5.0 changes mean for the game, and what it means for our enjoyment of it.  You can listen to Episode 14 of The Cast in the Darkness HERE!


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Basically the coolest #gameofthrones map, ever.



So, I didn’t bury the lead, that link right there is a fully interactive map of Westeros.  Including an animated history of the Pre-war and ASOFAI eras of Westerosi culture.


I took a look at this, and it compares pretty well with the official maps published last year in the “Lands of Ice and Fire” supplement.


Also, the animated histories of so many famous personalities is impossible to pass up!  Check it out now, and thank me later!


Courtesy: Nerdist

Justice is sweet – Cast in the Darkness Episode 13: Just Desserts

Hello Night’s Watchmen and welcome back to another (albeit late) episode of the Cast in the Darkness Podcast!


Kristina and I gather around our Television for Episode 2 of the latest Game of Thrones Season: The Lion and The Rose… Listen to what we think about this murder most vile, and what we think about spoilers in general in CitD Episode 13: Just Desserts!




#GAMEOFTHRONES STARTED AGAIN! And we have a podcast about it!

Hello Night’s Watchmen!  You thought I forgot about you, didn’t you?




Fear not, my noble companions, for I was simply waiting until I had something to offer in exchange for your views and your clicks.  And something great do I have!


Episode 12 of The Cast in the Darkness podcast is all about the Season 4 Premiere, “Two Swords”.  Kristina and I sit down for a lovely viewing of the show (actually a couple), and we make note of some great lines, and some even greater moment of growth among these characters we all know and love.


I hope you all check out the newest episode, and check out the archives to see if you’ve missed anything awesome!


Until next time, may your pies be made of pigeon and your cakes be made of lemon!

#Gameofthrones LCG: Store Championship 2014 – Round 2, Nick versus Jeff

Hello there Night’s Watchmen and welcome back to the Cast in the Darkness!


I’ve got the second of two Round 2 videos here for everyone to enjoy – this one features Nick with his Targaryen 222 deck facing off against Jeff’s Lannister No Agenda Turbo-Kneel!


You can see this one is pretty back and forth most of the way through this 10 turn slog!



I’ll be back next time with the first video from round three of this series – Baratheon 222 faces off against a Siege of Winterfell deck!


And coming up soon I’ll have the Chapter Pack review for the Spoils of War pack that was released last week.


And finally – Game of Thrones starts tonight!  Kristina and I will be watching it and we will make sure to have our thoughts on the episode up on the podcast server tomorrow night!


That’s all from up here on the Wall.  Until next time remember, the night is dark and full of terrors.

2014 Moncton Store Championship – Round 2 Lufa vs Matt

Good morning Night’s Watchmen!


Nick has been bugging me for months for the opportunity to do some commentary tracks for the games we play – and the 2014 Store Championship was the perfect opportunity to experiment with this.  The stakes were high so players should be at their best, and most of the decks we see will be legitimate strategies (fewer off-the-wall builds than we would see on Game Night, Tim…)


As you saw in Round 1, Nick finally got his wish.  He, Clay and I teamed up to commentate on Kayne’s match with Justin in round one, and the two of them are back at it in Round 2, commentating on my match with Lufa.


You know how I said that at the SC players will be at their best?  As you will find out in this video, that is not always true.


Join us next time when we finally see Nick in action with his Targ burn deck against Jeff Harper’s Lannister No Agenda!!


And be sure to check out the podcast, which is going to go next level starting next week!

Cast in the Darkness Episode 11 Car Cast 2, Part 2 – A Great Fall

Hello Night’s Watchmen and welcome back to the Cast in the Darkness!!


Kayne Nick and I are headed back home from the Store Championship in the latest episode of the Cast in the Darkness podcast.  Was I able to repeat as Moncton champion (after winning the HCHC in dramatic fashion in January), or was the Moncton crew able to hold serve and retain their Store Championship?


You’ll have to tune into The Cast in the Darkness to find out!