FAQ You Like a Hurricane!

Hello Night’s Watchmen and welcome back to the Cast in the Darkness!


I’m here with the second episode of the podcast this week!  Ordinarily I would have pushed this to the weekend, but since we are putting the Episode reviews up each week there isn’t any convenient place in the schedule for this episode!


Episode 14 is entirely about the recent changes to the Game of Thrones LCG by Fantasy Flight Games.  We discuss a few new errata (one which creates quite a stir with our panel), and the restricted list changes which promise to shake up the metagame like we’ve not yet seen!


Take a listen to this episode of the podcast to get our thoughts on what the FAQ 5.0 changes mean for the game, and what it means for our enjoyment of it.  You can listen to Episode 14 of The Cast in the Darkness HERE!


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A #GameofThrones LCG Store Championship – Round Four : Targ Burn vs Greyjoy Choke

Hello Night’s Watchmen and welcome back to the Cast in the Darkness!


I’m here with another video from the 2014 Store Championship from Moncton, NB last month.  This one is a win-and-in matchup between Tim and Nick.  Winner stays, loser goes away.



I’ll be back soon with the next video (another win-and-in – this time between Dom and Lufa)!


And I’ll be back even sooner with another episode of The Cast in the Darkness podcast!  What could it be about?

#GameOfThrones LCG Store Championship 2014: Round 1 Tim vs Matt

Welcome Back Night’s Watchmen!


Today for your viewing pleasure I’ve got the first of seven videos from the 2014 Moncton Store Championship.


The second video is taking longer than expected to come out because we are trying to do something a little different with the videos from this event!  I promise, it’ll be worth the wait, however.



Stay tuned to the Cast in the Darkness for Episode 11 of the podcast, dropping soon!

#GameofThrones LCG: Testing for Store Champs!

Hello Night’s Watchmen, and welcome back to the Cast in the Darkness!


I’ve got a couple of videos here for you from our testing session held last weekend in preparation for the Game of Thrones LCG Store Championships on March 15, 2014.  The first video includes a couple of games (Lannister NA, Targ Burn, Stark NA, and Martell Blolodthirst getting a test run), while the second video is a marathon between Targaryen Burn and Martell Bloodthirst.


My guys and I have mostly locked down what decks we will be playing at the tournament, but testing is a valuable tool for modifying playstyle and developing alternate strategies when you know your plan isn’t working.




I’ll be back this weekend with the final two videos from this really enjoyable and valuable day!


Until next time, buy more cards?!

AGoT LCG – Road to Regionals : Part one (Game Night)

Welcome Back Night’s Watchmen! As those of you who are subscribed to the YouTube channel already know, we’ve begun our Road to Regionals special feature starting things off with a small Game Night event on the 16th of February. There are only a few videos from that event, but I’ll be following it up with a pretty extensive testing session as soon as those videos are done.

We have a Store Championship event on March 15th, so most of our energy is going towards preparing for that tournament, and then we will switch our focus to Regionals in Halifax later in the spring.

For now, I have for you all a Targaryen KOTHH Burn mirror match between Nick and Clay. This one goes into extras, and it is pretty exciting all the way to the finish!

As always, stay tuned for more exciting video content, and Episode nine of the podcast is coming this weekend – In which Kristina and I break down both of the Trailers that have come out since the last time we talked!

Until next time, stick ’em with the pointy end!

Games of thrones : HCHC finals!

Welcome back Night’s Watchmen! I’m here with the final batch of videos from the hub city Hodor Classic held earlier this month in moncton, hosted by the comic hunter. 


This is the finals, between Stefan playing his stark Knight deck, and Matt playing the (now infamous) baratheon recursion deck. Let me know what you think about this game in the comments and please be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel! 


HCHC finals part one 



HCHC finals part two 


#GameofThrones HCHC Semi Finals! Greyjoy vs Baratheon

Welcome back night’s watchmen!  I’ve got the semi-final match from the HCHC, featuring our hero, yours truly, versus one of the Cast in the Darkness’ own, Nick Robichaud!


Nick piloted a powerful Greyjoy Old Way deck to a 3-1 record in the swiss, finishing 2nd overall before the cut.  My Baratheon Knights of the Hollow Hill deck also got to 3-1, but as my first win was a Bye, I had one ferwer point coming out of the swiss rounds than Nick.


This is our second match in competitive play, after Nick beat me soundly in the 3/4 playoff in November.  Take a look, and see if I am able to get my revenge!